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( / ;A;)/ I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!

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ちびスー [腐]

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LOVE his hoodie! ^^


I Love How He Always Has a Lollipop Instead of a Cigarette In His Mouth! ^^



LM.C Liar Liar

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What happened?

I wonder, if our past selves as a child were given a chance to have a glimpse of what they’d be in 10 years time, would they want to be an adult after all?

Children, don’t grow up too fast.
Even if you may or may not have a lot, or come from different walks of life: Enjoy all the time you have, embrace, laugh, love, before all of that is taken away from you.

I guess if I met my younger self, she would be very disappointed.
(I don’t know how to draw anything happy anymore)

My younger self would probably hate me

Younger self: You were supposed to become all slim during puberty!

Me: Sorry, it didn’t work that way.

Younger self: Did Mom and Dad get back together?

Me: Sorry, no… but they both found happiness on their own.

Younger self: Did you find your prince charming?

Me: I found my princess.

Younger self: … are you becoming an archeologist?

Me: Yes, I am.

Younger self: Okay, I can put up with you.

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